Me, Myself, and Makeup

Hi, I’m Alison, and I’m a beautyaholic. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with makeup, skincare, hair products, and fragrance. I would watch my mother put on eyeliner and blush from my carseat, sneak into my grandmother’s vanity and spray Chanel no. 5 all over my body, and smear lipstick on my mouth and parade around my house feeling gorgeous, as well as always perusing the beauty section of CVS and peering into the windows of Sephora and Ulta. Since I was five, I had been acting, singing, and dancing, so I performed often, which meant bright blush and lipstick,(and of course copious amounts of hairspray), and musicals sometimes consisted of stage/age makeup, or glamorous bright looks, both of which were exciting! Makeup seemed like a glamorous way to make yourself more beautiful, and have fun, and acting just exposed it to me at an early age.

In seventh grade a friend of mine had a birthday party at Sephora at which we got makeovers and a gift card to buy some products, and I went overboard, (note: red sparkly blush does not make for a naturally flushed look), but it reignited my passion for beauty. I got some essentials which I used from then until now, including my first bright lipstick (called, “first night”, a bright rasberry/rose rouge which I became known for, see

Somewhere during eighth grade I started wearing makeup for school dances, (I went to a catholic school with a uniform–no makeup at school or else!),just some mascara, lip color, and blush, and eventually I was wearing that whenever I went out, whether to auditions, or rehearsal, or to the mall with friends! At the end of eighth grade I had two major dances for which I got Bobbi Brown makeovers, (and bought brown gel eyeliner and lipgloss), and I did my own makeup for graduation (at which I was valedictorian:) because by then, I’d gotten pretty good, and was consistently buying products and experimenting on my own.

During my freshman year of high school,(I am going to be a sophomore this year), I rarely wore makeup to school, (I go to an all-girls catholic high school), but did nearly a full face for rehearsals, (I was in three shows freshman year, and had leads in two!), because they were at all-boys schools and you know how it is;), for performances, going out with friends, dining out, going into Manhattan, traveling, seeing movies, yeah, pretty much everywhere! I don’t regret it because I enjoyed every minute, from buying that new lipgloss, to cracking it open and slathering it on, to debuting the finished product in public and having fun with it! Since I had a lot of practice, I became quite adept at applying makeup to myself, and even my family, (my sister is also an actress),thanks to reading magazines and beauty blogs, and observing people, as well as watching YouTube videos. I wanted to write a beauty blog because I feel like I have a fresh perspective and some insight to share with fellow beauty-lovers! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and keep checking in to Alison Beautyland ((which is a pun. Alice-in-beauty(wonder)land=AlisonBeautyland!)


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